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Thread: Long time rider, first time on a bmw...

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    Cool Long time rider, first time on a bmw...

    I just purchased a 2006 R1200RT with 26K miles. The previous owner recommended I pay you a visit and insisted I become a member. Done! I'm eager to learn what my new bmw has to offer. I've ridden many bikes and none felt like this boxer. I need to put a few thousand miles in the odometer before I form an opinion. This July I have a trip scheduled to the Grand Canyon, the Utah parks, and Death Valley. I'll decide then if I will be keeping it long term. I'm looking forward to the experience.

    so far i've added...
    -a set of running lights and trail lights
    -reflective tape
    -voltage meter
    -handlebar mirrors
    -sheepskin seat pad
    -usb connector
    -gps mount

    I may ad a backrest later on, but I'm not sure. I image there are many things I can add to this bike, and look forward to learn about them on this forum.

    I'm in L.A. County, CA, so shoot me a line if you are visiting. There are a few nice rides around here.

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    Welcome and congrats. You will love it. We took our 07RT to the Grand Canyon last year and had a blast. If you have the stock seats you might want to upgrade those. I went with RDL's and they are well worth the investment for long tours.

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