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Thread: So what happened with the thread that was active this morning regarding the ON cover?

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    The MOA Forum is at best a tunnel vision look at the membership. I love the format far better than other formats - ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email lists - but as far as member participation goes if I look at who is posting on the BMW MOA Facebook page I see mostly names of people unheard of on this forum. Some of them may be among the many "secret" posters here, but for the most part I don't see much overlap.

    Each member can only be so many places, but the organization ought to be represented and promoted on all media as far as I'm concerned. That is what a media manager (paid staff) ought to be ensuring.
    I agree, Paul. There needs to be someone who's job it is to monitor and play in all social media formats in order to ensure that the best interests of the MOA are maintained an that everyone gets information no matter what their communication vehicle of choice is.
    Lisa Malachowsky, "Ex" MOA Director
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    I heard someone say "Don't tell me what you believe in; show me what you've done and I can SEE what you believe in."

    Go for it Lisa.

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