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Thread: Travels to the Northwest Angle, MN

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    Travels to the Northwest Angle, MN

    Not much discussion about traveling to this little "separated" section of Minnesota. I thought I'd post a CBS video link that my Dad forwarded. Interesting to get a sense of life up there.

    Anyone travel up there before? I did back in August 1983. Slugged along the dirt roads for what seemed like a long time. I remember seeing water come right up to the edge of the road at times...I kept wondering where I was going to pull over if I had mechanical trouble. The video talks about stopping at a shack to check in with border patrol...I don't remember doing that back then. I had hoped to get something to eat, but nothing seemed open and I was losing light, so I turned and headed back.

    I took pictures, but the only one I can find at the moment is this one. I've searched for the name of the resort in the image, but don't think it is there anymore.
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    Thanks for the link Kurt. I watched part of it this morning but got sidetracked and missed half of it.
    I find stories like this interesting.
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    Wow. Fascinating story.

    I'm planning to ride from Chicago up to the Mississippi Headlands in MN next month. I may have to add the Angle to my itinerary.

    Thanks for sharing!


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    I rode there once on a Rally....quite desolate.
    Yes, there is an unattended border shack you have to stop at and report in to Customs and Immigration....all done by phone, very informal but if you don't have the proper documentation, just in case, they can make your life miserable.
    Its basically a fishing village. Peaceful and serene. Bring your Popiels Pocket Fisherman and drown a few worms while your there.
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