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Thread: Changing the sprockets on an F700GS 2013 any recommendations?

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    Changing the sprockets on an F700GS 2013 any recommendations?

    I just bought a 2013 F700GS, love the ride, but was thinking about changing the gearing to get a little more low end torque. It has been recommended to change the front sprocket to a 16T....just looking for comments and feedback on others who may have made any changes to the gearing. I am not a heavy offroad rider, but used to own a F650 single that was like a billy goat. Feedback welcome C

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    There is a F800 it it has threads on this.

    The F800GS comes used to come, maybe still does , with this front sprocket. So it is widely used ...and helps with better low speed/dirt power. The trade off is RPMs on the highway.

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    I went the opposite on my 800gs, I don't do serious dirt so a little higher gearing fit me better.

    Just so you know the results, you will increase your given RPM by a little more than 6%. So at a given gear/speed RPM would go from 4000 to 4250.
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    I've done both on my 09 800gs. Gearing for more torque and RPM just seemed to make the bike really vibrate at higher highway speeds. I didn't notice any real difference in acceleration or pulling power on steep hills in the Cascades where I have been busy exploring the off road possibilities . I have gone back to the factory tooth numbers.
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