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Thread: 78 R100RS swing arm

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    78 R100RS swing arm

    I remember seeing a few times that if the swing arm on a 78 RS was replaced with a newer one from say an 84 RS, there would be no need to have the 78 swing arm reinforced. If I recall, the two interchanged relativly easily.
    Am I correct?

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    That would appear to be the case. Matt Parkhouse discussed the changeover in the July 2015 ON. If you don't have a copy, it should be available through the main MOA website.
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    They are interchangeable. Whether the older one requires reinforcement is doubtful
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    On my '73 R75/5, I had Reg Pridmore reinforce the swingarm for me (adding braces underneath) - it DEFINITELY helped to stabilize the back end of the bike.
    A touring-only rider won't ever need it, but a "spirited" rider absolutely will notice the difference.

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