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Thread: 94 1100 rs turn signal problems

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    94 1100 rs turn signal problems

    I have a 94 1100 RS after riding for a while turn signals emergency flashers all stop working. I replaced $$ flasher module same after checking fuse ride for a while same problem new fuse ride for a while same problem tested bad Fuse good. Old saying about trailer lights it is always the ground, so where is ground for this whole mess? If not ground any other ideas
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    I would go back and clean the flasher plug contacts first if it's the only electrical issue you are having. Brown is the color for grounds on these.
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    Sorry, but I've not had this problem with my 94 R1100RS. But brown is the color of the ground wire; if questionable, clean all ground connections - I use scotchbrite to remove any oxidation so I can see shiny metal - then a dab of dielectric grease (or Vaseline) and re-affix ground connection. Following are some links to other technical info that may be of some use -

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