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Thread: 2015 GSA - Service CD Issues

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    2015 GSA - Service CD Issues

    I purchased the service CD when I bought the GSA. It worked flawless all fall and then when I was in Yuma for the winter it continued to work perfect. Now I am back in Canada and I tried to access the disk and it did not work. I had to enter the serial no and then it said the disk was accessed by too many servers. Anyone have this issue and it there a solution ?
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    I tried a Google search on this and came up empty.

    You might try to use the Control Panel (assuming Windows is your OS) and under Programs try to uninstall and then reboot and then reinstall.
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    I don't have the CD so this is a shot in the dark, but the error message you're describing sounds like a software licensing issue. The software may only be licensed for installation on one or two computers. This is to keep people from buying one copy of the software and sharing it with all their friends. It also protects you from getting into copyright infringement trouble. Alternatively, it may only be licensed for use in the USA and you need a different license for Canada use.

    Try contacting the tech support for the software to see what they recommend.

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