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Thread: K75/100RT Fairings

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    K75/100RT Fairings

    Are they interchangeable? Can an RT fairing be put on any K75 without any special adaptors, etc.?

    Thanks, JON

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    I think the tank the RT uses is different than the regular K series tanks.
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    Like Dave said, the gas tank is different. But the K75RT model also uses a different radiator than the std K75, mounted in a different fashion. You could probably get away with the std radiator, but I don't know if it'll mount up correctly.
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    RT <-> std

    I thought all K gas tanks (exc '85:mount) are the same. But I'll yield that the K75RT looks a little different, I'd need an A:B picture.
    On K75, the RT radiator is wider, enough that a std shroud doesn't want to fit (but will). The RT also has a removable bracket that moves the radiator base out ~1", to align to the grille.
    As I 'mem, the only wiring issue is turn signals.

    I put a K75RT back to std, but didn't use the stock headlight ass'y.
    I put K100RT bodywork on a std, the Only issue was turn signals.
    The RT fairings sure look the same. G.H. <<<)))
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    For questions like this I usually go to the Max BMW online parts fiche. Look at the part number for each model in a given year and see if its the same. This worked well when I was looking for KLT mirror housings.


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