I have a 2008 R1200 GS that I bought new in 2009. I have just under 60,000 miles on it and am on my fourth fuel gauge strip. Today it started acting up. You probably know the routine: the yellow triangle and the flashing Fuel! Fuel! Fuel! while there is still a half tank left. The dealer has been great but it is a giant pain to take the bike and leave it for replacement #5 that probably won't last. If it were later in the year, I would wait for snow and take it in, but that is not the case this year. What makes it even worse is that I never use the fuel gauge, I just keep track of mileage. Here is the question: Before I resort to covering the annoying message with black tape, does anyone know if the thing can be disconnected without screwing up something else, and if so, how? Thanks in advance.