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Thread: Rear shock question

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    Rear shock question

    I'm replacing my rear Showa shock with a new shock. I noticed the Showa shock has rubber bushings top and bottom, are these replaceable? I'm assuming new shocks come with these bushings but don't want to assume...thanks for the input.

    As a side note I have an older Hagon shock for my bike that's missing the bottom rubber bushing, it does have what looks like a neoprene insert. I understand from the factory it's too old to be rebuilt from a cost standpoint so I'm going to sell it if anyone is interested in it for parts
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    New rubber bushings.

    On every shock I've replaced, the new one came with new rubber bits.

    Replacing a shock is hard work, if I were you I would just get a new bike.

    I would be willing to offer bottom dollar for the old bike.

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