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    My '04 R1150R has the original Dunlop Sportmax tires. I don't like them. They're squirrely when cornering hard and lack traction when the road is wet.

    On my Harley and V-Max I used Bridgestone Battlax tires. They worked great and lasted reasonably well for a gripper tire.

    Has anyone tried them on a newer BMW? Do they work well?

    If you have a better idea, what tire seems best on this bike for day long cruising and an occasional showoff speed turn?

    I appreciate your advice. Thanks.

    Ol phart Phil

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    Meztler Z6

    I can highly recommend the Metzler Z6 tires. They are very good in dry or rain. I love them on my R1100RT solo, loaded or two up loaded.
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    I have always liked the Pilot Roads for good grip and long wear.

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    I'm riding a 2005 R1200RT which came with Metzeler Z6 tires. I just changed both tires to Michilin Road Pilots and have 500 miles on them thus far. The Z6s were very stable in all conditions and wore like iron. Most won't believe the mileage so I've included a photo of them at 14,000 miles. My final was 14,350 miles. I switched to Road Pilots just to compare for myself. In 7-8 months I'll let you know how they did.

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