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Thread: 2011 R1200GS Seat

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    2011 R1200GS Seat

    Gave in to ego and sold my 2004 RT and purchased a 2011 GS. Love it. However the seat, no matter what height, rubs my tailbone because, I think, of the high curved back. Tried a sheepskin and that helps a lot but still not good for anything over about 250 miles. Any ideas other than changing seats?
    If I change seats, how to I find one that is comfortable without having to order, try and return if possible? V/R Hoser

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    Personally I'm rarely happy with stock seats and have purchased new Sargent seats for all my rides. I'd make two suggestions on possibly trying some before you buy... You can have a fun day riding around between dealerships looking at their used bikes up for sale and trying out the feel if you see one with an after market seat. Another option... If you have a local place where other riders gather, go hang out and start talking with them and ask to try out their after market options when you spot one. If all else fails at least there are more sites that will take care of your return shipping if you aren't happy when you see things in person.

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    I have a 2011 R1200GS and find the stock seat is fine for me. I am male, six feet tall about 240 pounds.

    In the past I have used Gel seats and bead seats. I have found the bead seats the most comfortable of those two.

    Currently I am not using either the gel seat or the bead seat, just the stock seat.

    Whitehorse Motorcycle sells them for $24.99

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    I have a 2011, R1200GS as well. Stock seat was a killer for me as well. I ended up going with a custom seat. The seat was way better, but not quite as good as I hoped. The person that made my seat is now out of business and cannot make adjustments to the seat as promised. That is a whole other can of worms that has been discussed here on the forum in the past.

    If I was doing it again, I would probably go with a Russel seat. Most, appear to be very happy their purchase.........


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    Some car upholstery guys can do well with a seat. A good one can replace foam, reshape, and replace or reuse the cover. Often much cheaper than a custom seat. My first preference would be a custom seat though. I am using corbin on my rt and using saddlemen on my tiger. Both good seats. Have used sargent with good results in the past also.
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    I replaced both seats on my 08 GS with Sargent seats. It took a little while before the seat "conformed" to my rear end but feels way more comfortable then the stock seat. One more thing I did was to put the front mount in the upper position and the rear in the keeps you from sliding towards the tank and made a big difference for me. I know the manual states not to do it but the seat locks in just fine.
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    I've put a ¾ closed cell stadium seat under my Alaskan Leather pad. I think it's going to work for me. The stadium seat was ~$10. When I am sure I will use some spray adhesive on the Alaskan cover to put them together. I might still try a tail bone cut out in the stadium seat. I definitely like the wool cover and the stadium seat is out of sight, I've about $60 in the whole thing. I have a problem dropping $400+ on a seat I may not like. YMMV
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    You all are good! Ideas I had not thought of and seat names I was not familiar with. I had moved the front seat mount to the higher position/back lower, but due to the current ongoing 4+" of rain in the Ohio River valley, I have not tried it. Dealer in Cape having his spring open house--soon, good place to try seats! Like the idea of the foam under the hide and also like the beads--my father-in-law had a bead cushion in every car he owned. Thanks much! Dave

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