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Thread: Windshield recommendations for F700GS

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    Im using a Brittania composites mirage2 Cockpit and Screen (unfortunately not available anymore from the manufacturer) with an MRA x-creen spoiler to take care of the wind buffeting on my 2015 BMW F700gs

    The only screen that was quieter than this was a 17 ceebaileys screen plus the spoiler but didnt look as nice.

    For a reference Im 5,9 with a 29 inseam. I wear a Shoei Neotec helmet.

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    I use the stock but tinted screen. I'm 5'9" and 150 lbs. I must be crazy. Just returned from a 5.5k mile trip in eastern europe.
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    sorry for the confusion

    Quote Originally Posted by Guenther View Post
    I don't see a "airflow F.S." on the Givi website. Are you referring to an AF5107?

    What is/was your experience with your windshield?

    Sorry. yes that's the one. it works a treat, and is easily adjustable. I changed to a Z technic, which isn't really much different as it turns out. I'm 5'10" and the thing that really made a difference in protection for me was the addition of a lip at the top. I think the one I bought was a Puig, but there are several brands available.
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    F 700 GS wind screen

    Puig works and an easy fit. At $130.00 a great value.

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    Puig...Lots a bang for the buck

    Quote Originally Posted by graceroyce View Post
    Puig works and an easy fit. At $130.00 a great value.
    My wife has the touring Puig and loves it

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    Re: Madstad

    Quote Originally Posted by heartdoc View Post
    I traded up from a 2016 F700GS to a new 1200 GS. I changed the stock windshield to a Madstad which worked great. I still have the Madstad windshield and would be happy to sell it as I have no use for it anymore. Contact me by private message if interested.

    Do you still have the WS?

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    Remember guys, we try to keep the main forum area clear of items wanted or for sale. The posts don't get cleaned up and it could be years from now someone is catching the "hints".....without checking the dates.
    Please keep it to the PM system.
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