980 bmw rt 100
In a previous post i commented that I had the transmission out of this bike for repair, and as a consequence had to dismantle the air injection system. Upon rebuilding the air box I consulted with the Clymer Manual, page 342, to make sure everything went back together the right way.
In the manual it shows # 13, a T-fitting hooking up to two vacuum lines that go to the carburetors,. It also has it hooking up to the vacuum line that goes to the reed valve on the left side of the bike when sitting on it.

When I took the air box apart it wasn't like this. The reed valve had a short piece of plastic tube connected to it, but it did not connect to the T-fitting that connects to the vacuum lines. It wasn't connected to anything. Upon reassembling the air box I noted that the plastic T-fitting wasn't a T-fitting, but just connected both vacuum lines together so I connected a new short piece of plastic tubing to the reed valve and left it like that, not connected to the anything else.

Upon my first ride yesterday I had to wait at a stop sign for a while since traffic was heavy. As i pulled out I noticed a small cloud of blue smoke coming out of the left exhaust. It has never don this before.

I am not the original owner of this bike so I don';t know what has been to modify it. Can you suggest what I might do to rectify this? Should I just order the T-fitting and connect it up. I am concerned about the blue smoke issue.

Thank's so much for your advice!

Best Wishes,

Bob Thornberry