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Thread: 1971 R75/5 Missing Subframe Tab - Fabrication advice?

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    BMW considered getting out of the motorcycle business, near the end of the /2 run. But they felt that motorcycles were an integral part of their history and heritage. The /5 was the result and that led to where we are today. So up to BMW for keeping it going. Yes, the threaded end of the camshaft is kindof a weak point.

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    But sadly it looks like they no longer care about longevity.

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    Went into the shop today, here's some pics of my subframe missing the latch tab and a pin.

    Found and purchased a great replacement subframe for $75 off of IBMWR, thanks again for the rec!

    Getting the ol' gall stripped down so that I can do some cleaning and engine inspection, there's mud, oil and guts everywhere!

    My last question and this may have been answered in another thread on here, so I should do my homework first. Right now the bike has a broken 4 speed gear box sans kickstart. Is that really a thing or am I just being dense and unable to locate the kickstart shaft spindle?

    I'm contemplating repairing the 4-speed or bolting on a 5-speed. Can anyone point me in the direction of a thread that lays out the pros and cons of that swap 4-speed to 5-speed, what steps must be taken to attach, etc.?

    Thanks again all!


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