I need to bleed this front brake system on a very clean cosmetic restoration bike with new or new looking parts and clean looking fluid.

Front brake sticks after applying front brake by lever and will release to free if bleeder at wheel caliper is opened to release a small amount of fluid.

I am a knowledgeable and experienced airhead and /2 rider and servicer but mostly bikes of the cable brake era.

The routing of brake hoses looks to me like it may be difficult to get smooth rising path upward to master cyl so I am looking for advice before starting. I understand how these brakes work and how to bleed brakes. I am just looking for specific hints to help with this specific model to get quickest and best result. THIS IS NOT MY BIKE AND I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE A MESS!

There must be many past posts on this topic but I apparently do not know how to use the search feature on this forum. A few hints or tutorial on that issue would also be appreciated.