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Thread: K&N Oil Filter

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    K&N Oil Filter

    Has anyone used K&N oil Filter (KN-160) on their 2014-2015 RT? Its time for a oil change and I was thinking about using K&N in stead of the BMW oil filter. I would love to hear any pro's or cons going the K&N rout. Since I know what I get with the BMW...I would like to see how the grass is on the other side!

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    I think the question that should be asked is how would a user of any oil filter be able to provide you with meaningful feedback? It would take someone with the abilities and facilities to measure oil flow, filtration efficiency and effectiveness of a bypass function, as well as other characteristics I'm probably not even aware of. I suppose a rider could send oil samples off for analysis and compare the results to an OEM filter, but that would not tell the whole story. I've read enough about K&N air filters to believe they are snake oil and suspect the same of their other products. I have an FJR and the use of non-OEM oil filters by FJR owners is very common. Lately there have been numerous complaints on the FJR forums about filters leaking. Seems some of the manufacturers of filters that "fit" the FJR changed from a concave to a convex base plate and the filters cannot be tightened enough to get a good seal. Point is that you cannot be as confident in the fit and function of filters that were not specifically designed for your motorcycle. Stick with the OEM is my advice.
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    Lots of stuff out there, remember no OEM filter is produced by the company (BMW) Mann and Mahle make the OEM filters for much of the European companies.

    Have at it:

    Good site on everything slippery for machines:
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    Oil filters

    BeemerBone Yard. I buy 4 at a X.

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    Check where they are made, last ones I bought for my triumph were made in Mexico

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    Made In china was enough to turn me off to K&N oil filters. I did not realize it until I had great difficulty installing the filter. The "Made In china" print was covered up by the plastic protective packaging film that you remove before installing. I actually had to chase out the threads in the filter with a tap they were so buggered up. I was only using it because that was all that was available on a Saturday evening and I was preparing the bike for winter storage.

    Their oil filters are made everywhere but the U.S.A. Depends on application, they are made in every cheap labor spot all over the globe.

    I emailed them not happy about , they came back with the "price point" justification and stated that all their air handling products are still made in U.S.A.

    When I have a couple days to pre-plan an oil and filter change, I get a oil change kit from Beamer Boneyard. Cannot do better that a Mann or Mahle filter.
    Their packaging for shipment is unsurpassed!

    Best of Luck !

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