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Thread: 1st time BMW owner from Minnesnowta

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    1st time BMW owner from Minnesnowta

    Hey guys, I put money down on a '16 1200GSA last week and am very excited to own my 1st BMW. I've been drooling over this bike for years and knew when I test drove a '15 last year I'd have to pull the trigger.

    I'm coming off an FJR for my main street bike and a DRZ for my dual sport and hoping the 1200GSA will fit a nice gap in the middle. I'm keeping both of them. My FJR is set up as a rally bike and I've done the IBR twice, taking 3rd last year. I've found myself enjoying the DRZ more and more having taken it to places like Copper Canyon, Moab and Colorado.
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    Welcome to the forum! I would certainly hope the GSA provides you with all you need for exploring. Those are some nice places to visit...away from the madding crowd!!
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    I was wondering what you meant by "setup for rally" and "rally bike".
    I suppose I did not understand that for same reason I did not understand having 3 GPS units.
    But I do now, from reading your description.
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    Welcome Brant
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    Welcome Aboard

    Welcome to the club and the forum! I'm sure you'll love your new GSA, really a completely different bike from the previous models.

    Thanks for being a member!!
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    Dajuice/Brant. Welcome to the club and the forums. When that 2016 GSA rolls in shiny and new post some pics.
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