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Thread: BMW's Reputation

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    I am not here to bash BMW motorcycles. I like them, I trust them and I've purchased six of them in the past eight years. I get irritated when folks bash the brand; I get equally irritated when other folks treat the brand as if it can do no wrong. There is enough information available to know that there are issues that exceed expectations. I know a couple of BMW service managers, I have many friends with BMWs, I'm on several forums and I think. For example, these areas come to mind: fuel strips, RT suspension, water pumps on multiple models and of course final drives. My next bike may very well be a BMW(RS!!!!), but I am a realist and acknowledge that there is a recent history of issues with quality control or engineering at BMW. Still a great brand that holds a special place in motorcycling. But some people remind me of those that continued to deny the harmful effects of tobacco regardless of the accumulated information. I also own a Yamaha FJR and a Super Tenere and they too are fine motorcycles with tremendously good reliability records. I enjoy owning both brands.
    Well Said!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jconway607 View Post
    I would humbly suggest that anyone who has bought that many BMWs, in that many years, has a perfect right to say whatever they want to, good or bad, about the brand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 36654 View Post
    There was a non-production diesel version of the Chrysler slant 6 which was viable, but never brought to market.

    Source: Conversation with a Cummins Engineering Manager during a job interview in 1981...
    I wonder if it was better than the 5.7L GM diesel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    I also own a Yamaha FJR and a Super Tenere and they too are fine motorcycles with tremendously good reliability records.
    That reminds me of a friend who owns a Yamaha FJR.

    She was parked next to a BMW GS rider at one of those fund raising events. They started chatting and the GS rider with his poseur aluminum luggage popped open the lid and started in on all the roadside emergency items he carted along.

    She just looked on in disbelief and said "what would I need all that for, I ride a Yamaha".

    I had to laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponch1 View Post
    I wonder if it was better than the 5.7L GM diesel?
    You mean the Olds 350 Diesel? That was the woeful tale that prompted the discussion........

    The interview was for a job at a joint Cummins-Case facility to produce 4, 6 and 8-cyl straight engines using a common / modular 2-cylinder design. I don't know what happened with the venture. While Cummins survives, case has went thru several owners and, is likely, just a name plate, similar to Massey, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcopolo View Post
    You know, reading this forum, you'd think many of the people on it were led at gun-point to buy their BMW bikes. I belong to a few BMW bike forums and this is the worst -- in fact the only one -- for its level of negativity, whether it's the product, the HQ move etc., etc. Do you guys ever "listen" to yourselves? It wasn't always like this, but it sure has become rather off-ptting of late. I know I can easily solve that -- and I do -- by spending a lot less time around here. I mean, who wants the constant carping, whining, smugness and the like?

    .... as a new guy here I haven't seen it yet... but I do know that this is my second Beemer and I regretted getting rid of my last GS and couldn't wait until I had another one...

    I'll try not to be negative :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jconway607 View Post
    I'm missing this one. What are the people who are irritated with BMW's obvious fall from grace in the reliability department feeling guilty about?
    Those people are a miniscule minority, and likely a bit hysterical.

    The guilt is simply in owning a motorcycle--any motorcycle--and in this case about the most expensive one. They are obviously nothing but expensive toys and our society has lots to criticize about that and lots of people can't help but listen. You don't see Porsche or Ferrari owners racked with guilt and complaining about time in the shop. The saddest thing I ever read is "had to ask the wife." And the stuff about "economic transportation" is delusional. Motorcycle forums are a psychologist's gold mine.

    There is no "fall from grace," as BMWs were never more reliable than they are now. It's just the "older we get the better we were syndrome" that assigns legendary reliability to the old ones. They weren't.
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    Now that was well said!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    There is no "fall from grace," as BMWs were never more reliable than they are now. It's just the "older we get the better we were syndrome" that assigns legendary reliability to the old ones. They weren't.
    Maybe it is that the competition became much more reliable than it once was and BMW hasn't kept up enough with the rising expectations in that department to maintain a lead over the competition. I strongly suspect that a '71 airhead is much more reliable than a '71 CB450. I base this solely on the leaky turd of a Honda I once owned and the amount of time I spent working on it. I also think that gap (if there is one) is much less than it once was and probably won't really show up until you have a lot of miles on a bike and things like top end components start showing wear. BMW continues to push the envelope on innovative features, but the engineering and production dollars seem go toward the candy that can command a premium price vs nukeproof reliability that is hard to charge extra for. Customers also want light weight machines that perform better than the rider and have every imaginable electronic aid to help them ride better than they are capable of. I'm sure if there was a large customer base with sufficient disposable funds willing to shell out $15-20k for a perfectly reliable machine, BMW would put the time in to design and build it.

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    As I see it, bike design is one thing......Integrating sourced parts to make the bike perform as intended is another. Calling one bike a piece of crap or unreliable without seeing many of them (bikes) in the same failure is a bit narrow along the chart.
    The recent shock problem on the Wethead was a failure of a sourced part. Yeah it stinks when it's your bike but BMW did as good could be done when the problem arose.
    No one gets it right all the time. When I buy a product, I feel I should look at the track record of the company and go from there.
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