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Thread: Rubber inserts for 2015 GSA rider footpegs

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    Unhappy Rubber inserts for 2015 GSA rider footpegs

    Looking for rubber inserts for the stock footpegs on a 2015 GS Adventure. I used inserts from f650 on my 2012GSA ,but they do not fit the 2015 pegs. Looking for some comfort. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas.

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    I looked at the MAX BMW parts fiche for your bike, and it seems that BMW makes a couple of OEM pieces for that application. Not rubber inserts, but entirely new pegs. Seems pretty expensive ($300+ a pair). Part numbers are: 77 25 8 525 369 & 77 25 8 525 370. I figured I'd try to help. Here's a photo from the fiche:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.30.59 PM.jpg

    They do look smaller than the originals, but in the fiche they're called "adjustable" so maybe that's reflected in the price.
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    I have a set of these and am very happy with them. Takes about two minutes to remove the rubber and they are nice large size to stand on comfortably

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