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Thread: Parts interchangeable?

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    Question Parts interchangeable?

    I'm wondering if parts such as a headlight ring, or the headlight brace & turnsignal holder from a R65 are interchangeable with a R80 or R100. I'm trying to replace a few dinged and dented parts on my '84 R65 and figure it might be easier to get what I need if I don't have to ask for parts from a R65 ONLY. I know there were a lot more R100's (and probably R80's, too) made than R65s, so maybe I need to go about this differently. If anyone knows something about this, I'd sure appreciate it! John

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    It depends upon the part you are looking for, but most R65 stuff is R65-only. Come over to and put out a request for parts.
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    Yup, the headlight ring and mounting brackets are different between the R65 and R80/100 until 1985(?). The later models (85+) all have the same frame and would match each other but not your 84. I am not sure if the 79 or 80 R65 parts will fit. Looking for 81 - 84 is your best bet.

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