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Thread: K75c Starting Issue

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    K75c Starting Issue


    I have a 1989 K75c that has an issue with starting, sometimes when i press the starter it will not fire up. The starter housing is reasonably new, i have cleaned up the battery points, new Shorei battery etc. Eventually it will start but there seems to be an intermittent electrical issue. Any ideas at what i should look for, do? Thanks.

    Respectfully, Neil

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    Hi Neil,

    It's unclear what "having starting difficulties" means. Do you hear anything when you press the "Start" button? Does the starter motor turn? If the starter turns, does it seem to turn briskly, or does it struggle? If the motor's being turned over by the starter, does the motor turn over briskly, or not? Does the motor seem to fire, but not catch? Does the motor start, but then stop?

    And: is this new behavior, or has the bike always done this? How old is the fuel filter?

    Give us some more detail, and we'll make suggestions!
    David Brick
    Santa Cruz CA
    2007 R1200R

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