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Thread: Aerostich, Zero bike demo event

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    Aerostich, Zero bike demo event

    There are a couple days left to get over to the Scotts Valley Zero motorcycles headquarters and see some Stich gear, test ride the Zero electric bikes and even meet Andy Goldfine.

    I'm not connected with the event, I just attended today and had a lot if fun. I was not going to test ride one of the Zeros but my buddy, dbrick talked me into it. I'm sure glad he did, what a hoot!

    The new Zero was stunning looking in person. It had good power, great handling and was whisper quiet. I had a blast and I want one. The only slight negative was a front brake that was a tad mushy for my taste.

    I only reached for the nonexistent clutch lever a few times. We rode in the classic group test ride format, leader, sweep and us between.

    Fun little event

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    Those Zero bikes are a hoot! You need to hang on Hope they do well.
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    Dang it, I wish Andy would do one of these in Atlanta...

    And once they make a breakthrough in battery tech, electric bikes are going to change the world of off-road riding. They're quiet and the way they make power is perfect for low traction conditions. A good path to 2wd, too!

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    I went yesterday to get a good look at the Aerostich gear. Taking that demo ride on the Zero motorcycle was the highlight of the day! Was that fun or what? Pretty cool......

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