Greetings from Idaho. After 39 years of riding, the last 27 on Harley's, have moved on (up) to BMW's. After all these years, riding just lost its spark. Always admired the BMW's, esp the boxers. Got the OK from the war dept to get a second bike so picked up a new 15 F 700 GS. The spark reignited into full flame!! What fun this machine is. So now, although I'm taking a loss on the new bike, have sold the Harley and have a new 16 R1200 RT on the way in. Is on the North Atlantic as I type. Last 9 years my bikes have been baggers and I have grown accustomed to storage space.

My question/concern is, after reading several issues of MOA mag, it seems a fairly significant amount of BMW owners are unhappy with their rides reliability. I can still back out of this deal…should I? See you folks on the road.