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Thread: r90 turn signal

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    r90 turn signal

    my turn signal housing that slides onto the end of the chrome shaft sometimes rotates downward and I cant see any way to tighten it up no set screws etc. any ideas. thanks

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    Have you removed the lens? Is there something on the inside that can be tightened?
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    Hi. There are two small screws that holds the blinker housing on to the chrome shaft via a little metal saddle. Check the screws first for tension , PO hasn't been ripped the thread out of the housing ?.Make sure that nothing is out of shape for the saddle to preload the chrome shaft to hold it into position.

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    Hopefully the picture attached. See if this helps. I believe there is actually a "lock" position when everything is working properly. I think I ran an independent ground when I put this back together so that I wasn't relying on the frame, etc.
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