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Thread: Motorcycle Consumer News report substantial difference in HP between Wet Head Models

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    Could just be the oil level. In the Winter 2015 issue of BMW Motorcycle Magazine they noticed rather lowly Dyno numbers for the R1200RS compared to other R1200's tested before (GS, RT, etc). It was also suffering from the hard shifts that are the result of too much oil. They state nothing else was done except the oil change in the before and after numbers (test conditions the same)

    Oil 700ml too much: 119hp@7,500rpm and 92.2 ft-lb@6,100rpm

    Oil halfway up the sight glass: 122hp@7,300rpm and 96.6 ft-lb@5,900rpm
    2012 R1200 GS Adventure

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    The narrative may not be questioned!!

    Looks like I've been totally wrong about MCN. How could I have possibly enjoyed so many issues and not noticed their lack of rigor?

    To those who have decided that MCN is pure junk with their questioning that narrative and all that: EIC Dave Searle of MCN is gone. No clue who the new Editor is.
    That should put a smile on those fussy faces!

    Hopefully Consumer Reports will update their Motorcycle Reliability Survey this year. I'll look forward to the howls! Popcorn anyone!

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