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Thread: '03 K1200 GT headlight bulb

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    Regarding the parking light, you need to unplug it from the assembly so you can take the complete assembly from the bike. Do not pull from cables but with a long nose pliers pull from the little rubber part and wiggle down to loosen the bulb connection There is no clip or anything like that holding it in the hole, just the rubber surface. I forgot to take a picture of the part but wiggle wiggle until you see it is coming down.
    Do not try to access the lamps by unclipping the below clips and trying to get the glass off.! You are almost there….
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    Last steps! Now you can start pulling the lamp assembly slowly downwards and to the front, until you can see the connection from the wire harness to the lamp assembly (facing the bike from the front is at your right). Unclip the harness to the bulbs. See below picture. The screwdriver is showing the clip you need to pull towards you (not up or down). Probably half an inch. then disconect the harness

    then just wiggle with the assembly until you take it out. is not difficult. pull downwards and to the front. when you have the assembly in your hands and start changing the bulbs you will be happy you did not try to do it blind and in such a small space....
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    Thumbs up Yes those blasted headlights!!!

    Thanks for this Myojuaf,I was beginning the frustration described of fighting the spring clip off,then "remove the cover".How???2004 GT,same problem of tiny space and blind.So,will remove plastic and be illuminated instead of frustrated!!
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    follow mayojuaf post to change bulb.

    spend a little time studing mayojuaf post and you will not have a problem. It took me about 90 minutes . Side note, I bought 2 low beam bulbs for $ 6 bucks off Ebay and free shipping. Dealer wanted $38 for one. Same bulb only a fancy box it came in. Thanks for all the good info
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    2004 GT has the same issue

    I have the same issue on my 04 K12GT. My hands are just too big to get in there without losing a pound of flesh. I just remove the headlight as described by mayojuaf. It's not hard to do but it is a bit more time consuming. Remove the nose piece and the head light assembly.
    Mayojuaf does a very good step by step.
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