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Thread: 2004 r1150rtp broken windshield bracket

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    2004 r1150rtp broken windshield bracket

    Hello all, its been awhile since I've posted. Since then I've been busy. I've changed my brake lines and clutch lines with Spiegel ss, and flushed and bled both systems. I've rewired and added additional emergency lighting and replaced both batteries. I've been through multiple tires and changed all the fluids.I converted the entire headlight assembly to led, using opt7 fluxbeam in both high and low beam positions, with extensive customizing of the housing, rewiring of the ground, and a "custom" clip designed for the high beam.(the difference is extreme! Recommend the mod, if your patient and careful.)

    New issue is I have a broken left side windshield bracket. It happened w8th the stock shield in place, but I have an after market on the way. I see some aftermarket options for the r1200, but not the r1150. I wanted to see if anyone had experience with this before I dig in and try to fabricate a replacement.

    Oh, I also received delivery of a shiny new 2015 r1200 rtp. And it is absolutely stunning! The improvements aren't able to be sufficiently understood through explanation only. If you have time, definitely ride one of the new rt s!

    Thank you in advance for your responses, and if anyone is interested I'll post pictures of the lighting mod

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    Just thought of a couple more upgrades that have been done. I replaced all instrumentation lighting with LED, (red). And solved my oil seepage issue at the filler with the wunderlich item that replaces the inner seat as well as the filler cap.

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    The bracket ended up being intact. I had actually bro I enjoy the adjustment mechanism base.

    On a side note. I installed a cee bailey #2 windscreen, 4.5" taller, with euro cut and light tint. I highly recommend it. The protection is bether than the screen on my 2015 r1200rt. The optics are incredible, and the finished edges have an almost black chrome look to them.

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