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Thread: Cleaning Stained Aerostich Yellow Jacket

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    Have you called the customer service people at Aerostich to get their thoughts on the matter? I think I might trust THEIR feedback about THEIR garment before soliciting advice from the great unwashed. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself, had to come clean. OK, OK I'll stop now.

    It’s really not RocketSurgery. Mild detergent on a quality synthetic fabric (NO solvents) and elbow grease with diligence and attention to scrub-out/massage-out the stain with a thorough rinse and a lay flat air dry. Repeat as needed. Not so scary. I remain, d

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    Thanks Altapowder - I was the OP four years ago. I have moved on from that jacket. Aerostich has extensive product-care guidelines on the website.

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