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Thread: Post a pic of your S1000

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    My s1000xr

    New to the forum and am working on my first post...

    I'm attempting to post a picture of my bike but the process seems unconventional..

    Hope I'm doing it correctly (for the attached picture)..

    Picture is old, I've since had the Arkrapovich Exhaust added.. Can't get enough of riding her!


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    More life,
    '16 S1000XR

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    My S1000XR

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    2016 xr

    I scored a 2016 with less than 2500 miles, and decked it out. Awesome bike. I will always miss my K1300GT for the torque, but the XR fits me ergonomically much better. Which means I spend more time in the saddle.
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    My ride.

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    New to me 2016

    I can't wait until spring! new to me 2002 miles and tons of Farkles already done.
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    Bought new 2016 but only recently joined BMWMOA

    Finally started living and working somewhere I could think about riding on a regular basis.

    While I'm at it, here are some musings about my 2016 bike. The BMW replaced a 2009 Honda CBR600RR, another red white and blue bike, though the blue was so dark, it usually looked black. The S1000RR is slightly heavier the CBR, but almost double the horsepower. The BMW always feels planted on the road, the CBR always made me feel like it was 1 degree of lean away from sliding off the asphalt.

    IMG_1778 (2).jpg
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    2016 S1000RR - Red White & Blue & Stock

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    My 2018 1000R

    Just picked this up on Friday. So happy I did!!

    My S1000R.jpg

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    Looks nice with the white pannier lids.
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    Here's my 2016 S1000XR:

    My one year anniversary is coming up for the XR, and no regrets. She's a goer!

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