I just got a 04 R1150R with 34k. It has a remus exhaust, wind screen, sargent seat and OEM hard bags. The rest of the bike is stock and in good condition.
It has been sitting for 3+ years in a carport. I took the tank & fuel pump off to drain the old gas.
The tank & fuel pump assembly are pretty badly rusted. I guess the tanks have liners cause its just a bunch of dried up big pieces of paper mixed in with the old gas now.
I know this place fixes rusted tanks.
Any other options used tanks seem pretty expensive and getting a matching silver one seems pretty hard.
The fuel pump assemblys sock, lines, and even the in tank lines need replaceing. Can you replace the in tank fuel lines?
The fuel pump assemblys body is rusty but i should be able to clean it.
How do I clean out the rest of the fuel system lines, injectors etc just blow some sea foam deep creep cleaner or something else threw it all?
This bike has been sitting for three years plus so what else should i change out before trying to start it and ride it.
I am a BMW newbie but own and have owned a lot of the big 5 bikes mainly dirt bikes with carbs.
Where are the best places online to get new oem parts and used.
Thanks for any help I can see this is going to get expensive real quick which is what I am trying to avoid.