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Thread: R1150R New Squeak - Swingarm Bearings?

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    R1150R New Squeak - Swingarm Bearings?

    2002 R1150R with 58k miles

    When I got home from the Falling Leaf rally I stopped in front of the garage, and as I was getting off the bike to open the overhead door I heard a squeak that originally sounded like it came from the shock. When I sat on the bike to pull it in it did it again. Every time I would sit on the seat or stand up I would hear this sound. With my wife helping by causing it to make the noise, I listened with an automotive stethiscope, and it seemed to be coming from the front of the swingarm on the right side (entirely or at least primarily). I didn't notice any play that seemed abnormal, noises or roughness rotating the wheel.

    I figured I would remove the shock tonight so I can move the swingarm up and down by hand to further confirm where the squeak is coming from, and eliminate the shock from the equation.

    Unless this is something that can be a simple adjustment or lube, I'm assuming a front swingarm bearing replacement is in my future. Are these the same bearings that I have heard being replaced with bushings on the final drive end of the swingarm? Or are these different?

    If there is a thread on this service with pics, detailed instructions - can someone reply with a link?


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    My hunch, which is only a guess, is that the squeak is coming from the rubber boot that surrounds where the front of the swingarm abuts the rear of the transmission, around the driveshaft.

    Or it could be the bearing. Or even possibly (hope not) a front universal joint.

    I have seen swingarm bearings (not paralever bearings at the back end) go a few hundred thousand miles and not fail - but that is only a sample size of 4 or so.
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    Forget the front swingarm bearings; they are basically lifetime bearings. The noise will probably be the shock mount or the rear swingarm (Paralever pivot) bearings.

    The rear ones are what get replaced by the various bushing kits. Most people have stopped selling the Oillite bushings due to problems; I now carry some inexpensive Nylatrol bushings for that application. They're new and don't have a long track record yet, but there are no negative reports. $50 per set plus shipping.
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    Spray the forward area with a hose and see if the noise goes away.
    I recently found a squeak that way in the lower shock bushing.
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