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    Has anyone experienced, for lack of a better word, a chatter on the 650 when starting from a complete stop. More so when bike is cold. It feels like the belt may be slipping.

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    clutch shudder

    There were a couple threads on the BMW Scooter forum (link below) related to clutch shudder. It would be worth mentioning how may miles you have on the scooter. Mine behaved in a similar manner but smoothed out even when cold after about 3,000 miles

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    My 2014 C650GT is in the BMW shop for the second time with exactly that problem. When I slowed down in traffic and the transmission disengaged when I slow accelerated, or went around a turn, the back end would chatter and the engine might rev up slightly. I got it out of the shop a week ago after having most of the internal transmission parts replaced, rode 15 miles and it began chattering again. And this isn't just a mild noise but a chatter that shakes the whole scooter.
    If anyone has any suggestions, please respond...not including trading in a C650GT with only 2100 miles for a 2016 without the chatter.

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    My 2013 had chatter. Brought it in for the tensioner recall and it was still there. A couple of months later replaced tensioner failed and chain jumped a tooth. Followwing a replacement and valve adjustment has fixed it
    2013 C650GT
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    If I jump the throttle hard going around a corner I will get a chirp
    Could be the CVT, could be the final. Sounds like a belt.
    It's so infrequent that when it happens about all it brings to my attention is I'm jumping the throttle
    No shudder, no revving, no hesitation
    Good to know that I am not imagining this phenomenon
    2013 model

    This is not a complaint, just an observation
    The bike is just nutty twist and go fun. Takes me back to my mini-bike days
    I really like the boards, which is funny because they are so not BMW
    And the boot is cavernous

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