Guess I'm different than most, as there is nothing in the Comfort package at $1,025 Cdn that I have an interest in (except the second power socket, which is available separately), so it is definitely not worth the price of entry for me. YMMV

It is also important to remember that there was and may still be differences between the packages that BMW Motorrad Canada and USA offer. Also, as was mentioned, a few options are only available within a package (Hill Start Control and Pro ABS if IIRC).

My RT is optioned just the way I wanted with the following (current 2017 Cdn Pricing and content):

Basic RT $21,250

Equipment Packages

Touring package - $1,725
Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment)
Navigation device preparation
Seat heating
Cruise control

Dynamic package - $400
Hill Start Control - Only available as part of the package
Headlight Pro
Pro riding modes (Dynamic riding modes, ABS Pro) - Only available as part of the package

As far as the Hill Start Control goes, there is no need to slip the clutch and little risk of stalling it once you get used to it and use sufficient throttle input. I use it regularly as I back out of my garage turning down on a sloped section of my driveway which doesn't have any curbing, so I'm facing uphill with very little safe room for the bike directly behind it and taking off uphill making a 90-degree turn in the space of a bike length. You simply have to recognize what is being done when you activate the Hill Start Control. When it is engaged, the rear-brake caliper stays engaged until you pull away and it releases as you start to move forward. Therefore you need to apply noticeably more throttle than if it wasn't engaged. A little practice trying to be assertive, without being aggressive should have you comfortable with it and loving it in no time.

Then you get into the area of Dealer options which adds another layer of personal preference.

For me, I have the 49L Top Case and the Nav-V and don't have much interest in the other offerings as I preferred Katy's Bag liners, etc., but again, this is all personal preference, I don't listen to the radio or music much and if I did, it would be through my Sena as I have more than one bike, so for me it would be extremely expensive to buy a dedicated setup for each bike when I can get most of the same funtionallity (sans Wonderwheel integration) for 1/5th the cost with a Sena or Cardo and will still have it if I sell the bike or when I travel by car/plane and rent a bike as I did in January and will be doing again in July.

I love my bike and most Wethead owners are very happy with them. Did a 3 hour ride on Sunday with it and still like it as much as the day I bought it. Happy riding!