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Thread: R1200 GS ADV sprint

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    R1200 GS ADV sprint

    I have a 2012 R1200GS ADV and it is my 2nd bike of the same model. the first one was 2010.
    I like everything about this bike however after I rented in Europe a 2014 R1200 GS ADV LC I noticed a huge difference in sprinting, I mean the one from 2014 had a way better sprint than my 2012, in the same riding conditions . The difference is highly noticeable .

    I wonder if anyone had the same experience and I wonder why the huge difference ? is it anything to do with the bike settings or mapping on my 2012 that makes her sprint slower than the 2014? Or just BMW improved that much the engine ? My dealer made a valve adjustment about 4 month ago but I do not remember and changes in the performance after the valve adjustment, so I am not sure that could affect the sprint.


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    Completely different engine with a significant power upgrade in the 2014.

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