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Thread: Craig Vetter injured

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post
    Seems like weve been following this thread for years. Thanks for the update Kurt. Though Ive never met Mr. Vetter, I feel a connection to him as, like him, I grew up in Rantoul, IL the son of an Air Force service member. My dad, bought a Honda silver wing in 81 that had a factory installed Vetter fairing. I loved that bike.

    The Vetter family will continue to have a prominent place in the intercessory prayers of the Mullins Home.
    I grew up in Gibson City, IL and my mother was a civil servant at the Chanute, so I also have felt a connection to Mr. Vetter over the years.

    Thanks for the update, Kurt.
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    I saw another brief update from Duane about a visit to see Craig.

    My friend, Andy, and I visited the Vetter ranch this past week.

    On the way, I explained to Andy that Craig likes to meet new people and talk
    with them. Andy and Craig talked for hours if one adds up the bits of time
    here and there.

    Craig told a story that I knew well. The overall story was accurate. He
    got a few names wrong, but he remembered names that I had long forgotten.

    We talked with Craig while he used his exercise machine. We tried to get
    him to walk with us, but he wasn't interested.

    Andy and Zak got along very well.
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