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Thread: Craig Vetter injured

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    I hadn't heard much about Craig, but noticed that Duane went to visit Craig and family over the weekend. Here's a bit of what he posted on the /2 forum:

    If the conversation is of past interests, Craig can do fairly well. More recent and especially events after his accident, he either can’t remember, or it might make little sense. He isn’t able to follow or conduct a logical argument. No matter what is going on, he has a need to be the center of attention, but he was always that way. He can report something as fact when it is only in his head and has no basis at all. He totally knows that he has wrong stuff going on in his head and that really bothers him. It would bother any of us. It is so sad to see such a creative mind covered up by a brain injury.

    Physically, he is getting around a bit better. He still walks with a cane and likes to have a shoulder or elbow to hold when going up or down steps, even two steps. He claims that he hasn’t fallen in months, but I didn’t confirm that with Zak.

    His vision has been quite good ever since they did his eye surgery. His hearing is still very poor and he relies on his hearing aids. In a noisy room, he really has trouble. In a quiet space and being able to do a bit of lip reading, he does fairly well.

    With technology, he is lost. He really can’t properly operate his laptop, or his cell phone. He spends a lot of time “writing his book” but is actually doing nothing productive. It keeps him happy and that is good enough.

    It is now 2 years since his accident and each at each of my visits he is a bit better. I can’t see that he will ever fully recover, but hope that I am wrong.
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    Thanks for this Kurt..........LOTS of us that have injuries here lately truly understand what Mr. Vetter is going through. It is not only a slow and painful process to heal; but most often an impossible one. The healing often changes the course of one's life and am glad that he has found a way to bring a smile to his soul. Often, that makes the difference between a poor and happy life, meager as it is..........God bless Craig Vetter

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    Prayers for Craig and his family.
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