I've just received an email from a former co-worker of critcal injuries sustained by Craig when his Streamliner hit a deer Thursday afternoon.

Right before noon today, Craig hit a deer while riding the streamliner. We are at Natividad in Salinas. He is still unconscious They will keep him sedated because of the breathing tube down his throat. He just got moved to ICU. I saw him move his right arm. All the bones around his left eye are broken. Eye ball still in place. Head trauma, broken clavicle and most ribs on his left side too.
An update from his wife Carol.

Hi all, Carol here. This is day three for Craig. All his numbers are going the way they should. He has a brace on his neck to steady his head because of a C2 fracture. We are hoping to avoid surgery. He has some swelling in his brain so they decreased the sedation and he started wiggling around as we hoped. He is not in a coma.. Looking forward to removing the ventilator down his throat which helps him breathe. All the ribs on his left side are broken so breathing will be painful. Hoping he will wake up today so we can talk to him. It will be a slow process, but he will recover. I am so grateful for all the love and care and prayers. Thank you all so much. This is a great trauma center. We could be here for many weeks. I'm praying we won't be.
Prayers to all.

He's been into high-mileage stuff for years.