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Thread: Resetting the clock on the 1200GS

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    Wow! This old thread of mine keeps getting re-born!

    Quote Originally Posted by copdoc View Post
    clock is incorrect setting following 600 mile service pressing rubber button w/ clock showing on display for any amount of time does not place any number in a blinking mode. K1200S. Any thughts?

    I'm assuming if you're doing the 600 miles service then you're still in warranty. Take it back. If they can't fix it, and yours is designed like the R bikes (and I think they are) then you may need to get a new cluster to fix the problem. Seems like a relatively uncommon thing, but this thread shows that its happened to at least two bikes.

    BTW, my "new" cluster has gone 29,000 miles in 2 1/2 years in all manner of weather, and the clock and everything else on the cluster has worked perfectly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistercindy View Post
    I've read the owners manual, and pressed the rubbery button for two seconds waiting for the clock to start blinking in set mode. But nothing ever happens. I've tried it with the ignition in every position, with the bike's engine on and off, and in several gears plus neutral, pressing gently and with a lot of weight on it, and still, nothing happens.

    Is there a trick I'm missing, or do you suppose my clock reset button simply doesn't work?
    Exactly what I get when I press the button.... nothing....

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