Let's see, where do I begin? I suppose I'll start with the rough route: Eastern Iowa to Billings, MT for the MOA BMW Rally. Three other fellers and I left Eastern/Central Iowa on Tuesday, 7/21 with the goal of getting some miles under our belt that first day. So, we super-slabbed it over to Kearney, NE where we camped at the Fort Kearney State Rec. Area. Nice spot with ample space and a stand of Boy Scouts firewood just outside the campground.

Starting out in Iowa City.

Pit stop in Lincoln, NE.

Campsite in Kearney, NE.

I took more pictures of our bikes on this trip than anything else!

Day 2 had us start out with a burnt out light bulb on a GS. After breakfast (and time spent looking for someone’s lost keys that ended up in their pocket!), we found an auto parts store and did the bulb replacement in the parking lot. Man, so much easier to do on a GS than on my RT. After the bulb we were on our way north out of Kearney up to Hwy 2 and to the Sandhills of western Nebraska. Hit a spot of rain for a few miles, but beyond that, perfect riding day. We meandered our way up to Custer, SD and camped for the night.

Do you need a high powered semi-automatic machine gun with that ice cream bar? Um, OK. Welcome to the wild, wild west(ern part of Nebraska)?!.

Taking an historic break in Ellsworth, NE.

Carhenge, north of Alliance, NE. OK.

In Chadron, NE Gearing up for our last push into the Black Hills.

We farted around in the Black Hills on day 3, taking pictures of Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. My GPS got messed up and routed us up to Rapid City for a (hot) detour (it was totally my GPS's fault, no user error at all, nope, not at all). We took I-90 for a bit over to Sturgis and then down to Deadwood/Lead. Then the roads got twisty and fun. We got down into Wyoming and then turned NW to head to Devils Tower. Very cool looking. Much different in person than in pictures. Time was running short and our goal of hitting Billings that day looked harder and harder to achieve, so we decided to hit the Interstate (again) and hole up in Sheridan, WY, promising a short ride the next day into the rally.

Obligatory shot of Mt. Rushmore.

Obligatory shot of Devils Tower.

Say, who’s that handsome devil (see what I did there)?

Friday, we rolled into Billings for the Rally. The rest of the day was spent just walking around checking out the vendors, eating, and getting some adult beverages under our belts; you know, the important stuff. That’s what the Rally is all about, right?

Welcome to tent city, Billings, MT.

Continued in next post...