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    In May of this year my wife and I had driven to Alaska on vacation and had planned to spend about a month there. We had been in Skagway for four days visiting friends who are there for the summer when we got a telephone call at about 5 A.M. Ak time that my sister and only remaining sibling had passed away. We hurriedly packed up everything to start heading back home.
    We stopped at a small cafe that we had eaten breakfast at each morning to get a bite to eat before getting on the road home. When the waitress came to take our order she could sense that something was wrong so my wife told her what had happened. Several times while trying to eat and also talking to my niece back home I broke down and started crying and I'm sure that the waitress probably noticed. When I got up and went to the counter to take care of the check the waitress told me not to worry about it, she had paid it her self. At this point I broke down again but was so overwhelmed that there are still kind and thought full people like her. She restored my faith in human nature and kindness and made some of the drive home a little more bearable.
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