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Thread: Have you got a nice story?

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    Everyone needs an AL

    Everyone needs an AL...

    From the comments.....which many seem to skip-

    "He's right. You learn twice as much from listening than you do from talking".

    "Imagine if more news was this positive, what a world".

    "The world really could use a lot more Al Nixons, thank you for your kindness. Steve Hartman thank you for sharing stories like these, keep up the good work".

    "You can do good or you can do well. Sooner or later they make you choose." MI5
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    Two sisters

    About 20 years ago when I joined the local MOA chapter the first club ride I went on was a charity ride for Children's Hospital. Our club president at the time, who organized the ride, was working at St Francis Hospital. I showed up at the meeting point early, just after arriving two other riders rode in on late 70s or early 80s Japanese bikes, in beautiful condition. Both riders were women, wearing helmets, leather jackets, jeans, and boots. When they removed their helmets I noticed that both women had short haircuts. When I asked them about their bikes, the first one said she had gotten hers from one of her sisters, and pointing at the other lady, told me that she got her bike from another of their sisters. I thought wow , a family that has four sisters that all ride. At one of the rest stops we had two push start one of their bikes, as the starter wasn't engaging. About a week later I received two thank you notes in the mail on stationary from Sisters of The Third Order of St. Francis, thanking me for my donation. The note also said that it was nice to meet me on the ride and thanks for helping push start her bike. Signed, sister _________ , (I don't remember the name now). That's when it it made sense, they both got their bikes from their sisters. It gave me a mew perspective on nuns.

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    Too bad you can’t remember her name; you could have sent her one of these:

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