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Thread: Michilen Road Pilot 4GT Tire Pressures

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    Michilen Road Pilot 4GT Tire Pressures

    OK. While in Billings I had Michelin Pilot 4GT's installed on my 2007 K1200GT. No-Mar set the pressure at 42 psi/front and 44 psi/rear. I have spoken to many who have had these installed and searched the forum and there does not seem to be any consensus on what the pressures should be. Has anyone had these tires for a while recommend what they run them at and how they perform? Touring one up is the normal way the bike is used.

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    Use what your owners manual states.
    My K1300S manual shows 36 front, 42 back.

    I try to keeps ours at 36 to 38 front and 40 to 42 back.
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    There is no such thing as the best pressure. Higher pressure the bike will handle "lighter", the tire will run cooler, wear less, have a smaller contact patch, and less traction which is only an issue when pushed to extremes, and have a slightly harsher ride/road feel. Lower pressure just opposite, but aside from wear, many riders would never detect the difference.
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    ▲ Bingo.
    Additionally, considering that you were at the rally - your bike was loaded with gear, meaning that "Max Cold" pressure could be a Good Thing, and you are also traveling at higher speeds with all that gear, further reinforcing the preference for the higher pressure.

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