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    cross country ride

    I was just thinking about if I could ride across the country next summer - though I don't have any riding buddy's or a wife who would go along with me - has anyone ever organized an MOA ride, with a set route and dates where anyone could join for a while, and then leave if they had to? It would be cool to work on for a year or so, get a good route across the US - and enable lots of MOA riders to meet for a part of the ride, and even have a few go all the way. Any interest? takers? organizers?
    Software, GPS, spreadsheets, cell phones all make this doable as a group effort - I would love to work on it and think it would be a lot of fun. As my 55 year old self has never done it, I am thinking, now is the time!
    Discuss here or drop me a line -

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    I'd say build a route and set dates, stops, things you want to see and do, mileage per day targets, decide on hotel, camping etc and formulate a detailed plan.

    Then post with the option to join all or part but make it clear it is your ride, you will follow your plan, so on.

    This way people can comment as desired but the point will always be its your ride, your timeline and you decide if and what will change.

    Sometimes people can be incompatible on rides, some ride longer days than others, some faster than others, some want to camp and others hotel only.

    Your ride can easily be spoiled by incompatible partners especially long rides spanning weeks.

    I like building routes by desired number of days total for the trip, then set mybdestination, from there ibcab get mybrequired mikes per day which then lets me know how many hours i jave for atops, sight seeig, sleep, etc.

    I then can zero in on spots for stopping, sights and areas where I need a place to sleep.

    With this I go in Google Maps I build a generic point to point map, from there I can use my data to identify my stops such as sightseeong stops and hotels for the night in cities or towns along the way. I revise my route for those points and reases my miles per day and total trip time, adjusting as needed.

    Once set, I export the route to load into my GPS, checking in basecamp and fixing if the import didn't work well and I also save it as offline in case my GPS dies or I want to adjust on my tablet along the way.

    Lots of other things to consider, like thinking about tires and oil changea if needed along the way depending on distance and packing lists but that's minor to the preplanning of the route.

    IMHO anyway.

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    Where are you located? Right or Left coast? North or south?
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