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Thread: OK sure

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    OK sure

    So Fish, Dave, Tina, ROB

    This is what you guys have been up to. Seting up a new place to play.

    Fish do you have a life. Instigating this site, time at work, time on other boards.

    Nice to find anoter place

    Thanks all

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    Re: OK sure

    Originally posted by Augmeister
    So Fish, Dave, Tina, ROB
    Hey, don't forget Ian! He selected vBulletin for this forum, which is what, besides all the cool users on here, makes this whole place absolutely ROCK!

    Dave Swider
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    hey auggi3...yes, sadly, i have no life.

    tina, you bucking for Most Irritating Smilie, or what?
    "No one wants advice -- only corroboration." -John Steinbeck

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    Originally posted by fish
    hey auggi3...yes, sadly, i have no life.
    So you try to drag us down with you by putting together this excellent forum.


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