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Thread: From Montana

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    From Montana

    Hello Folks,

    Long time lurker, first time member. On the forum at least. Joined the MOA three years ago.

    My bike is a 97 R1100RT-P, a terrific motorcycle. Bought it with 98k 4 years ago and have put on 16k since; a little more miles each year. Trying to build up my annual miles while also retaining my status as employed, married, and financially solvent.

    Last year added a 99 Funduro with just 14k miles. It is for my wife but she finds it too tall. So I bought the lowering links and she is waiting for me to install them. She has been wondering why it is taking so long. But as we all know, this is a complicated job that can take many, many months. In the meantime, and in the best interests of keeping the bike in good health, I do ride it to work often, and sometimes take it on forest roads, as a loving service to my wife. I expect to have the links installed in another 4 or 5 months, perhaps.

    Had a great time at my first national MOA rally in Billings. Wow!
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    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you had a great "commute" to the rally nearby.

    Interesting picture...rear end shots of three, truck, and rider!
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    Nice of you to present everyone with your most photogenic profile there Chris.... Nice shop you have behind you.

    Welcome aboard.
    Kevin Huddy
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