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Thread: enough already

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    Angry enough already

    been to a lot of national rallys since escanaba. nothing is or ever will be perfect.

    anyone out there remember the showers at escanaba?

    these are people that volunteer their time and do a lot of hard work before and during the rally for the rest of us.

    perhaps we could just thank them, and step up to the plate next time ourselves.

    personally, i found the charleston rally pretty damn nice.

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    Thumbs up

    Well said, Jerry. I, too, wish to thank all those who made this rally
    work. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Can't help but think that the rain had a lot to do with magnifying inconveniences into problems. This must be the year of rain rallies.
    Daytona, Americade, BMWBMW, and now Charleston are all rallies that have had to deal with the wet stuff.

    Thanks again to MOA for a successful rally.

    Felton, DE
    03 RT in Blue
    Felton, DE
    03 RT in Blue

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