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Thread: 2015 R1200GSA Dual Sport Helmets

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    2015 R1200GSA Dual Sport Helmets

    Anyone like a specific Dual Sport Helmet and why ?
    David Nicholls
    Teulon Manitoba - Canada

    2015 R1200GSA-LC

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    I won't be of much help since I liked both I've used. First was a Shoei Hornet, second (and current) is an Arai XD4. Shoei fit more comfortably, but XD4 is snugger and probably a correct fit. XD4 has lots of vents, which is good and bad. Trying to remember which why is open and which directs air up the visor is a pain. Plus some are on the small side for working with gloves. But when set right it vents great and doesn't fog. The Shoei also vented very well and was easier to tweak, but tended to fog easier. I have no experience with any of the others.

    Oh, I did learn to tuck my chin a bit when I did a head check for traffic. The sun screen catches less air that way. And I didn't use either as full time helmets. I use a modular most of the time.
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