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Thread: G650GS on the freeway?

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    Though not exactly the question you asked, my wife has ridden both the G650GS and the F650GS. She felt that the G650GS had too much vibration and was not comfortable at the end of the day (guys, let's keep this clean and just leave it at that!). She now has a 2012 F650GS with low suspension and low seat and loves it. She has an Aeroflow windscreen and does quite well on the highway when we have to travel the Interstate, though neither of us prefer that route. The 650 does just fine with regard to power/zip on the highway. If you're looking to buy new, I would imagine that the F700GS likely would be comparable. I did see the post about the 800 if you're looking for more power.
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    Subjective points of view

    My regular Ride probably frames my perspective - I ride a R1200GS.

    My son recently bought a G650GS - a good choice because he's tall (we switched to the tall seat option)- he lives in an Urban environment and this is his first motorcycle. I recently rode it from Chicago to NYC to deliver it to him.

    • The bike will do 90, but is a lot more 'comfortable' at 65-70. I'd honestly prefer a bigger bike if I were to be slabbing it for 10,000 miles.
    • The G650 is light and flickable in the twisties, and probably a great bike off road.
    • Vibration isn't an issue even at freeway speeds.

    Conclusion - our frame of reference has been shifted by the current HP/Displacement arms race. My first bike was a 550 Honda and rode two up for thousands of miles...and that bike, though smoother with the four, undoubtedly had a lot less horsepower. The 650 is an acceptable Freeway bike, especially for beginning riders and riders uncomfortable with big top heavy machines.

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    I bought my wife a 2003 F650 GS, essentially the same bike as the renamed G650 GS. We've ridden it two-up hundreds of miles on the interstate to different events. Rode it a lot on backroads as well, but you have to plan your passes in advance because like some have said, at highway speeds there's not a lot of passing reserve left.

    I've also ridden the bike one-up from St. Louis to Washington, DC via interstates almost all the way. Sweet and smooth spot was 90mph, believe it or not. Great bike and I wouldn't hesitate to take it long distance no matter the weather.

    One thing that does probably make a difference, the previous owner had installed a Cee Bailey's windshield on it. The extra height and curvature really makes a difference in increased comfort and better gas mileage.

    We had both saddlebags and a trunk on for almost all these trips, but the trunk does crowd the passenger a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marv12 View Post
    My wife wants a smaller lighter bike with a low seat hight and upright ergonomics. She loved sitting on a lowered G650GS in the showroom but I have my doubts about power for freeway or stability at 70mph on a windy day. I ride an RT but she finds that way too heavy and tall. I am wondering if anyone who rides a G650GS can tell me if this bike can be ridden long distances on the freeway?
    We recently bought a factory lowered 2014 G650GS, and that height was important for me, as I'm on the shorter side. We have ridden on everything from freeways to ball-bearing gravel road, and have had no issues whatsoever with power or stability, and it gets fantastic mileage (75 MPG). I wouldn't have anything else. It's great for both one-up and two-up riding.

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    I rented a 650GS in Germany last summer. Rode across Germany to the east side of Austria on 2 lane roads and autobahn with unlimited speed, sometimes in the rain. No problem at all. I own a 2012 RT back home here. The only negative of the GS from the RT is protection from rain and wind. But it was a blast.
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    I think it is important that if this is your wife's bike ....that is just that, "your wife's bike". If she is comfortable with the height and the weight of the bike then let her go for it. From a woman's persceptive there is nothing worse than being forced into riding a bike that you are uncomfortable on. If it is especially important for her to be able to put both feet on the ground with a stop then a lower bike is important for self confidence. As she gains experience and comfort she may then want to move up to a taller and more cc powered bike. Or she may never change. Again her choice.
    As for cc's, as one of my riding instructor coaches stated it does not real matter about the cc, it is how you learn to shift and ride to get the most out of your bike whether you are on hiway or twisties. Again, as her skill progresses the more she will get out of that bike.
    As for hiway riding and "keeping up" my daughter rode her 250 cc Ninja from Calgary to Las Vegas chasing her dad on his K1200S and me following on my F800ST, and she did just fine. It was her very first big ride and she had only been riding for a year. I have also ridden a G650GS and although a very different riding style then my F800ST that bike will definately be staying. A great little bike on the hiway and the twisties. I have ridden this bike both in Canada and Austraila and was glad to have this bike. I hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwood View Post
    Just picked up a 2010 f800st. Very happy with it. Will add risers and something other than the stock seat. Researching seats - would love suggestions.

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    Check out Seat Concepts... On my 700 GS I had the BMW Comfort Seat that I tried two different types of Air Hawk pillows, and one Bill Mayer ERGO Contour saddle cushion, and finally went with the full change out to Seat Concepts at the Montana National. After changing, the 1500 mile ride home was accomplished with no butt pain at all. Before, by 500 miles on a single day, by rear definitely had my full attention, but 600 + mile days after the change-out have been a piece of cake. Be forewarned though, Seat Concepts is very reasonably priced, so there is a waiting period right now, according to their web-site.

    If your anywhere around St. Louis, your more than welcome to try out my Bill Mayer saddle seat or my bike with the seat concepts seat on her....

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