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Thread: Lost at Rally W.V.

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    Unhappy Lost at Rally W.V.

    Can anybody help ?

    After the rain and wind on Thursday I finally got my tent back to the spot I had originally put it up in. I went to check on my bike and found that my Jacket (Joe Rocket Air Flow, Blue, XL and my Shuberth sliver L helmet had blown away. Found the pant, gloves and boots but not able to find the helmet and jacket.

    Was there a lost and found put together after Saturday ?

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    There is another thread about lost & found. And a helmet was found. Don't know about the jacket. Do a search on "Lost" under rally forum.
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    I just emailed half the volunteer list from the rally to find out what happened to the stuff from the lost and found. I couldn't find any obvious link or person to ask. At least one person has responded that they have forwarded my question to the rally chair. Hopefully they'll add a link or something to help us maybe find our junk, uh, valuables.

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    All unclaimed items were taken to the MOA office.

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    As Co-Chair of Communications I handled "Lost and Found" and the packing of items to go back to MOA headquarters. If you have a specific L&F question, write to me-

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